Picture: Morgan Walker for Finland Today

It’s exceptional that Finland bathes in temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius in mid-May.

On Thursday, the warmest weather of the day was measured in Vihti, a small municipality in the western Uusimaa region of southern Finland.

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On Friday, in southern parts of the country, the temperatures are going to climb over 21 degrees Celsius, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

On Sunday, because of the large high-pressure area over Scandinavia, the temperatures could rise over 25.1 degrees on the west coast, exceeding the definition of hot weather in Finland.

If the winds are favorable, according to Meteorologist Juha Tuomala, the warm zone will cover Kymenlaakso and Finland Proper, reaching all the way to Satakunta and Ostrobothnia. Even some parts in Lapland will get their share of summer weather.

The warm weather is forecast to continue next week but the weather could also become unsettled. Even thunderstorms are possible.