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The sweets tax will drop by 95 cents per kilo. Picture: Vesa Härkönen/Flickr

Tax on sweets and ice cream will be dropped from the beginning of January.

The sweets tax is 95 cents per kilo, so depending on the weight that’s how much the price will drop. According to S Group, for example, the price of a bar of chocolate will drop 20 cents and the price of one liter of ice cream will drop 60 cents. Lidl says that a 200-gram bag of candy will be 20 cents cheaper.

The tax on sweets and ice cream was in effect for six years. Last year it accrued more than 250 million euros in taxes. Sweets brought in 76 million euros and ice cream 35 million euros. Soft drinks accrued 149 million euros and they are still taxable.

The government decided to cancel the sweets tax after the food industry made complaints to the European Commission of unequal taxation on sweets. The tax favored domestic products because imported sweets were also subject to customs duty.


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