Stormy winds are sweeping Finland on Thursday. On Thursday morning, about 10,000 households are without electricity, mostly in south-eastern and southern Finland.

The gusts of wind can reach up to 20 meters per second in Uusimaa region. In Helsinki, the wind is blowing around 15 meters per second.

Railway company VR has issued a warning that there could be disturbances in the railway traffic during the day because of fallen trees or electrical damages.

The stormy low pressure will bring heavy rains across the country. The weather is going to be cloudy, windy and rainy in most parts.

Daytime highs are around 6 to 11 degrees Celsius in the southern parts while in Lapland the temperatures are likely to drop between minus 8 and minus 1 degrees.

The wind is, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, weakening in the western parts in the afternoon, but in the eastern parts, the wind is forecast to slow down in the evening or night.

After the storm settles down, colder air is coming in from the north to the southern and central parts.

While the northern areas, like Oulu region, are likely to receive as much as 25 centimeters of snow on the night between Thursday and Friday, the rains are likely to turn into snow even in southern Finland.

On Friday, the daytime temperatures are going to drop between 0 and minus 3 degrees Celsius n the southwestern parts.