Temperatures of a few minus degrees Celsius, occasional snowfall and drizzling rain are expected through Tuesday and Wednesday in southern Finland.

On the night between Wednesday and Thursday, a wide area of snow flurries will arrive over the southern and western parts. Heavy snow flurries, accompanied by hard wind are expected during the day, if not in the whole country, at least in southern Finland.

In southern Finland, daytime temperatures, at places, are going to rise to a few plus degrees, and some of the flurries are going to come down as rain.

Between 5 and 20 centimeters of snow is expected to pile up in southern Finland and as much as between 15 and 30 centimeters could drop in the central parts.

Widely, a total of 30 centimeters of snow could drop between Thursday and Friday.

On Friday, another flurry of snow is approaching over central Finland.

After a milder week, next week is forecast to be significantly colder. The amount of snowfall is unknown.

Sources: Foreca, MTV3, The Finnish Meteorological Institute