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Five people died in the water during the Midsummer weekend. Picture: Flickr

At least six people have died during the Midsummer weekend, according to the police. Five died in the water.

During Midsummer Eve, a woman in her 30s drowned into Kärsäjärvi in Pyhtää, Kymenlaakso and a 60-year-old man drowned in Puumala, Etelä-Savo.

On Saturday, two men in their 60s fell from a fishing boat after going rowing in Valtimo, North Karelia. The boat had turned over and the men were found drowned. In Northern Ostrobothnia, a middle-aged man drowned in IIjoki.

In addition to deaths by drowning, a man in his 20s was found dead next to a ditch in Pirkkala without signs of violence.

The police was not aware of any traffic-related casualties during the Midsummer weekend.

Source: The Police