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Eight People Stabbed in Turku, Two Are Dead – Police Shoot the Suspect in the Leg

Eight People Stabbed in Turku, Two Are Dead – Police Shoot the Suspect in the Leg

The stabbings happened in the center of Turku, the southwestern city located about 170 kilometers from Helsinki.

Updated: 20:15

On Friday afternoon, there were several knife attacks in the center area of Turku, Southwest Finland, namely at Puutori (Wood Market Square) and Kauppatori (Market Square) areas.

According to Petri Virolainen, the hospital director at the Turku University Hospital, eight wounded people have been brought to the hospital. According to the police, two are dead.

The police received the alert at 16:02 just after the first stabbing happened. The police caught the suspect only three minutes after the first stabbing. The police didn’t find other suspects. According to the police, the suspect looks like a foreigner, and the person’s identity is being investigated.

According to an eyewitness, the attacks happened in the Turku center near the Market Square. People were running around in chaos, screaming, and then the eyewitness saw a woman who was stabbed and had a young child of about one-year-old in a baby carriage. Her face was bloodied and she was screaming and fell down. The woman was lying on the ground when the ambulance arrived, and she was taken away. The eyewitness also saw a man who was stabbed in the shoulder.

According to another eyewitness, a young woman standing near an ice cream kiosk was stabbed from the behind in the back two to three times with a big jungle knife.

Another eyewitness saw an elderly woman who was lying on the ground next to a young boy. There were blood tracks around both, and the woman was resuscitated. The eyewitness also saw another elderly woman on the other side of the square.

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An eyewitness saw how the police rushed into an apartment building with machine guns. According to the police, the suspect was shot in the thigh and was taken in their custody.

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The police reported on Twitter that it has raised the national alert level.

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service is participating in the investigations.

According to them, it’s too early to analyze the reason for the attacks.

The police said at the press conference in Turku at 19:00 that the center area of Turku is now considered safe.

Sources: Turun Sanomat, MTV, STT, The Police


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  1. nocennsor

    70+ years ago Finland fought alongside the Nazis against civilized nations and helped them in their genocidal quest to eradicate Jews. More recently Finland sat back and watched muslims terrorize the world while granting them broad protections. Siding with evil people never works out well. In the US we have a saying: What goes around, comes around. It looks like Finland is beginning to get what it deserves.You reap what you sow.

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