An evening in Helsinki in October 2018. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Those barnacle geese at the Töölö Bay seem at peace while paddling on the rainy October morning. They must be on to something . . . . Some dart into the sky and a bird or two take a backward look.

Perhaps they are sensing the warm breeze arriving from Africa! Sahara, to be exact.

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According to meteorologists, that’s where the current warm weather is coming into the British Islands and from there slowly into the Northern hemisphere.

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On Wednesday afternoon, it’s now 15 degrees Celsius in Helsinki. The sun is shining from a cloudless sky.

On Thursday, according to the forecasts, the temperatures, depending on the clouds, are likely to reach similar levels here in the south and south-western parts of the country.

There will be rain during the night, the morning may be misty, but by the late morning, the fog and the rains are likely to be gone. There will be no rain for the rest of the week, the meteorologists say; mostly sunny.

Second summer

On Sunday, the temperatures are to climax: in the western inland, the temperatures could reach 18 degrees. If it was summer, the weather would turn hot. “We don’t see this in every October in Finland that temperatures like this would reach Finland,” said Meteorologist Liisa Ristaniemi at Foreca.

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According to the recent long-term forecast, the unexceptionally warm weather will continue for several weeks—brace for the warm spell without worrying about sunscreen!

(According to the meteorologists, the UV radiation is not going to rise to damaging levels.)