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Valkjärvi school in the village of Perttula in Nurmijärvi is burning. The school consists of two buildings and the other, according to the rescue department and the municipality of Nurmijärvi, is destroyed.

This is the second school in Numijärvi to burn in the past few days. Another school in Lepsämä, the neighboring village, burnt down on Saturday.

According to the municipality of Nurmijärvi, guarding has been increased for all schools in the region during the weekend. Now, security is going to be stepped up.

Valkjärvi school is a Finnish primary school built in 1921, which teaches classes 1 to 6. It’s a wooden building.

The police are investigating the cause of the fire, which began early in the morning.

Nurmijärvi is a rural municipality located about 37 kilometers north of Helsinki.
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