Marin has been appointed as a strategic adviser in an institute that deals with governments and political leaders.

The former prime minister of Finland, Sanna Marin (SDP). Photograph: TONY ÖHBERG/FINLAND TODAY

The former Finnish prime minister, Sanna Marin (SDP), wants to resign from her post as a member of Parliament, Marin revealed in a press conference at the Hall of State in the Parliament Building on Thursday afternoon.

Marin said that she has been appointed as a strategic adviser to the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, which is a global non-profit organization set up by the former prime minister of the U.K., Tony Blair. The institute advises governments and political leaders on strategic policy and policy implementation. The institute is based in London and operates in more than 30 countries,


“This is a great honor. I’m excited to take on a new role. I believe that this will also benefit the whole of Finland,” Marin said in the press conference.

Marin said that she will be able to serve the people who voted for her, and perhaps Finland, better in her new role.

Marin said she had handed in her resignation on Thursday. Parliament will consider the resignation later. Sometimes, Parliament will not accept the resignation of its member.

Marin was asked what she had to say to the voters who voted her into Parliament. “I am grateful and humbled for every vote,” she said. “I think they understand the decision I have made.”

In Finland’s 2023 parliamentary election, Marin received 35,623 votes, the largest number of votes after Riikka Purra of the Finns Party.