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Picture; Mika Meskanen/Flickr

Picture; Mika Meskanen/Flickr

Prices of popular goods at S Group’s grocery stores will drop permanently as much as 30 per cent on Monday.

The price drop concerns 400 products at Prisma hypermarkets.

In S-markets prices of 100 products will be sliced.

Here are some examples of the popular goods with the new prices provided by Prisma.

  • Milk, one litre (with reduced fat): 0.72 euros. Old price 0.87 euros.
  • Reissumies, 235 grams. (Finnish rye bread): 0.39 euros. Old price 0.49 cents.
  • Oltermanni cheese (Finnish creamy cheese), 1 kilo: 4.95 euros. Old price 5.85 euros.
  • Minced meat (domestic), 400 grams: 1.99 euros. Old price 2.35 euros.
  • Mozarella pizza (Rainbow), 350 grams: 1,49 euros. Old price 2.15 euros.
  • Pepsi Next 6 x 0,33 litres/can: 2,05 euros. Old price 4,19 euros.
  • Skyr, the Icelandic dairy product, 170 grams: 0.99 euros. Old price 1.35 euros.

“We at S Group have listened to our customers and staff. We have asked them how we could best help normal Finnish people in the current hard times.  The message is clear: the price of everyday groceries must come down,” Taavi Heikkilä, CEO of SOK (the official name of S Group), said in a bulletin.

Savings up to 2,000 euros

According to Heikkilä, the price of goods in a shopping basket for family of four, could drop as much as 2,000 euros in a year.

Heikkilä said, that a typical Finn spends about 2,500 euros for food annually. If he picks the grocery items from the selection of 150 products with the largest price cuts, one could save about 20 per cent: an yearly saving of 500 euros.

One of the competing retailers Kesko lowered its prices already in November 2014.

According to Mika Rautiainen, the vice president for marketing and concept services at Kesko, prices of 400 products were cut in K-citymarkets, 300 prices were reduced in K-supermarkets and in K-markets the price cut reached 200 products.

Rautiainen said, that Kesko is going to reduce prices of 100 products more during January to combat the price war.