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Pictures: Screen captures of Sports Media Productions video

Finnish heavyweight boxer Robert Helenius knocks out his German counterpart, Erkan Teper, in the eight round and so grabs the IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Title in Stuttgart, southern Germany on Saturday night.

It was the left cross that sent Teper sleeping on the canvas. After raising his hands for victory Helenius went quickly over to Teper’s corner to check whether his opponent was still breathing.

Helenius dominated the fight early from the fight. Helenius started slamming hard right hooks into the ribs of Teper, and just when Teper was confused and opened his arms as if to hug his opponent, Helenius got in two hard hooks on both sides of Teper’s chins.

That must have hurt.

And it seems it did. In the second, Helenius kept evading Teper’s hard punches, and Teper even resorted to trying to get in straight shots into Helenius’ body.

By the third round, Teper’s face was a bloody mess. He seemed off-balance but Helenius was not yet ready to end the fight.



In the fourth round, to the untrained eye, Helenius seemed tired because he seemed to slow down. In reality, he was gathering energy but not in such an obvious and fancy way as Raiden does in the game of Mortal Kombat.

In the fifth, Teper got in a flurry of punches, which seemed to do nothing but excite Helenius.

Sixth went by.

And so came the eight.

The finishing combination went like this:

Helenius got in a wide left hook. Then a right that didn’t quite connect but set Teper spreading his arms. Again.

Helenius finished him off with a beautiful left cross.

And the lights were out.