In an attempt to limit the spreading of the coronavirus, the government has decided to close restaurants, cafeterias, bars and nightclubs—places where food or alcohol is served—as soon as possible.

Those eager to ‘dance the night away’ should be prepared to hold that thought until May 31. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

“The restaurants are otherwise closed, but one can pick up food or order by the internet. The kitchen can be open but one cannot stay in the restaurant to eat,” said Tuula Haatainen, minister of employment, after the government’s and parliaments negotiations on the new measures to tackle the virus on Tuesday evening

The new measures are to become effective as soon as possible, possibly already on Saturday, March 28. The changes will be in effect until May 31.

On Wednesday, the government is continuing negotiations on their next big decision:

To isolate Uusimaa region from the rest of the country to limit the spreading of the coronavirus.