A view of apartments at Itäpuisto in Pori. Picture: Google Street View

A28-year-old man with a refugee background has been imprisoned for homicide in the western city of Pori.

The Satakunta District Court imprisoned the man on probable cause.

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The man is suspected of murdering a middle-aged woman in Itäpuisto on Sunday morning.

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The rescue department and the police arrived at the scene after having received a call of a fire in the building.

According to the fire department, the fire had been confined to only one part of the apartment and had gone out by itself. The woman was found in the apartment with visible marks of violence.

On Thursday, the congregation of Teljä in Pori said in a bulletin that the suspected man is a candidate in the congregation’s elections.

According to the congregation’s regulations, a candidate cannot be suspended from the elections.

Source: The police

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