A weather camera (road camera) picture of the site of the accident at Kirkkojärvi on Finnish national road 1 at 14:09 on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Photograph: kelikamerat.info

A rear-end collision involving tens of vehicles—cars and trucks—has cut off traffic on Finnish national road 1 (Turunväylä) on Tuesday afternoon. The motorway is the main route between Helsinki and Turku.

The driving weather is bad due to heavy snowfall and slippery roads.

The location of the accident is Espoo, near Ikea, and it occurred around 13:30.

The police confirmed on Twitter that people have been injured in the accident. At 14:44, the traffic has been directed to side roads, and the rescue department has begun clearing the site of the accident.

According to the police, a full-trailer combination truck is laying sideways between the lanes, and the clearing will take time.

The police are pleading that drivers would avoid taking national road 1 and redirect their routes to smaller roads.

The Western Uusimaa Police Department published a picture of the scene of the accident.