Stock picture: Finland Today

Unless the negotiations to improve Posti workers’ working conditions are solved, the train traffic is going to be disturbed severely.

The Railway Union RAU is set to begin a sympathy strike on Friday where union members in, for example, transport traffic, customer service and ticket sales will refuse to work until Saturday morning 06:00 (30.11).

The worst impact would be felt by users of public transport starting on Monday when the train drivers of local trains in Helsinki will stay out of the driver’s seat until Tuesday morning at 03:00 (3.12). The local trains of VR and HSL—including the so-called E-S trains traveling, for example, from Helsinki to Tampere and to Lahti, Kotka and Kouvola—would be out of service.

On Tuesday, VR’s long-distance train traffic—with the exception of Allegro trains—would stop. In practice, the strike would stop the passenger and cargo trains. The stoppage would last until Wednesday morning at 03:00 (4.12).

If the Posti workers’ strike is going to continue after Monday, December 9, new support strikes by the Railway Union are ahead.

The union threatens to stop the traffic control at 07:00 in the morning and the strike will last until Tuesday, December 10. The strike doesn’t concern Allegro trains.

In practice, the train traffic would, again, stop completely.