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Picture: Posti

Picture: Posti

Posti’s workers will cut your lawn in the near future. Who would have seen that coming?

Lawn mowing is part of the new home-delivered services to add more work to mail delivery operations. Traditional mail volumes are falling, but mail routes nevertheless reach some 2.8 households on every weekday. Posti’s new home services will see it transform increasingly into a service company.

“Lawn mowing is the first home service that consumers can order from Posti. We will pilot the service this summer throughout the country. The idea for the lawn mowing service came from mail delivery employees. We believe many customers will be happy to outsource lawn mowing when we make it convenient for them to do so,” Anu Punola, director at Posti, says in a bulletin.

Orders for lawn mowing services will be taken into account in the planning of mail delivery routes. The service will be offered on Tuesdays due to the lower volume of advertisements and publications distributed on that day. The service will be performed using the customer’s lawn mower and within the time estimated by the customer. In the event of rain on the day of intended service delivery, the lawn will be mowed at another time.

“Posti hopes Finland will see great weather this summer and that our customers enjoy the hottest time of the year. This summer, we invite you to rely on our nationwide network of professionals to help you maintain your lawn,” Punola says.

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The work of mail delivery employees has become increasingly diverse. With extensive experience of meal delivery, Posti currently delivers some two million meals to Finnish homes annually. As part of the development of new home services, Posti is also partnering with the South Karelia Social and Health Care District Eksote in the provision of home care and services for people with disabilities by assisting customers with eating and daily chores. Posti is also partnering with Securitas to perform security services in a pilot being conducted in the Finnish towns of Muhos and Ylivieska.

Orders for lawn mowing services can be placed via Posti’s online shop at The payment methods accepted by the online shop are online banking and credit cards. Customers should also note that the service is tax-deductible for domestic costs.

Service prices:

  • 30 minutes every Tuesday, EUR 65/month
  • 60 minutes every Tuesday, EUR 130/month

The service will be performed in conjunction with mail delivery on Tuesdays and it will be available in one-month packages. The first date the service can be performed is May 17, and the service will be available until the end of August.

Posti’s lawn mowing service can be ordered in May for the last two weeks of the month. The price will be half of the monthly price. Orders for the lawn mowing service must be placed no later than one week before the start of the next calendar month. Customers will receive an e-mail confirmation of their order and a reminder message on the day before the lawn mowing service is performed.

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