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Police of Eastern Finland Bumped Into the Batmobile – Worth One Million Euros

Police of Eastern Finland Bumped Into the Batmobile – Worth One Million Euros

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Picture: A screen capture from the Finnish police’s Facebook page

The police of eastern Finland couldn’t believe their eyes when they on Monday night, in the dim lights of the capital region, came across the Batmobile.

“While we were doing our regular patrolling duties our attention was caught by a suspicious vehicle, which was loaded on a trailer,” the police described the incident on Facebook.

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While the police talked with the driver they found out that the vehicle, indeed, was the one and only Batmobile, manufactured by a license of Warner Bros. .

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The body of the car was made of carbon fiber. The engine was a V8, made by Chevrolet.

“It was a magnificently beautiful car, and we took our time wondering it with our mouths open.”

The price of the car surely raised eyebrows as well: about one million euros.

The Batmobile was on its way to an exhibition in Moscow, and from there to Monaco. A broken tire had forced the trailer to stop.

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“We were not allowed to have a test drive, even after asking,” the police said.



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