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Archive picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The police have caught a youngish man, who is suspected of writing the shooting threat at Tor network against Iso Omena shopping center in Espoo.

Tor network hides your IP and allows anonymous web browsing.

The man is currently suspected of an illegal threat.

The police are continuing the investigation and will inform more at a later time when possible.

According to the police, the safety situation in shopping centers is normal from the police’s viewpoint.

The police will continue normal observation together with the safety organizations of the city and shopping centers.

The police reported earlier that they along with the emergency center had received numerous tips regarding the threat.

“It’s great that the public has a low threshold to contact the police when it comes to matters like this,” said Teemu Värtinen, the investigator in charge, in a statement.

The shooting was said to take place on May 3.