Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The police have caught two men in Tampere region, central Finland, after a chase that lasted 30 minutes on Sunday evening. The men were caught at 20:36, the National Bureau of Investigation said on Twitter.

During the chase, the suspects shot at the police.

According to the National Bureau of Investigation, the situation is suspected to be related to the shooting at two police officers on Saturday night at an industrial area in Porvoo, southern Finland.

The police had received a call for a “routine emergency,” a kind of that they handle several in a day.

When the two police officers arrived at the scene, they were demanded to give up their weapons and the perpetrators, apparently, two men, opened fire.

One of the police officers was seriously injured and is still in the hospital. The other suffered minor injuries and has been released from medical care.

The police are suspecting the incident as two attempted murders.

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