PIcture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

HELSINKI – Just when we’ve learned about the series of child abuses in the northern city of Oulu, the Helsinki Police Department raided an apartment building in Roihuvuori, East Helsinki, on Saturday evening.

According to the police, they caught three suspects of a foreign background. They are suspected of aggravated child abuse and aggravated rape.

A resident of over 10 years, who was interviewed by MTV News, said that the life in the building had become restless lately. According to her, the building is inhabited by a lot of people with a foreign background. Most apartments are studios.

“They are whistling and throwing keys from the windows and balconies. That means that a lot of people who don’t live there are moving around,” she said.

The police are investigating repeat incidents of the previously stated crimes but won’t reveal the age or the number of the victims.

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The crimes have, according to preliminary investigations, happened between November 1 and January 9.

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