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Picture: Twila Cheeseborough/Flickr


It was after eight-thirty on Tuesday evening in Imatra’s Vuoksenniska district, eastern Finland, when it happened, according to the regional paper, Uutisvuoksi.

A local kid, Samu, 17, was cycling toward an underpass when a person dressed in clown’s clothes appeared from the nearby hill. The clown was wearing yellow-red clothes and a mask with sharp teeth and bloody gums.

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Samu went to a shock. He started running. He sat on the ground and called the emergency number.

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The clown returned, holding a kitchen knife.

“I’m going to kill you!” he said.

Samu started running again. Samu called the emergency number again, asking for cops. The clown ran away.

The police came and looked for the clown in the woods.

But they couldn’t find it.

Imatra is a town in eastern Finland with a population of about 26,900 people.
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