Stock picture: Ilkka Jukarainen/Flickr

The strikes declared by the Finnish Paper Workers’ Union begin on Monday morning after failed negotiations with the Finnish Forest Industries Federation. The strikes began at 06:00 or 07:00 in the morning and will last till February 10. Unless an agreement is found, the paper workers’ union will continue with extended strikes beginning of February, which will last until February 17.

The strikes are supported by the Industrial Union and the Trade Union Pro and in total target 110 factories and companies. The strikes include about 9,000 members of the Finnish Paper Workers’ Union and over 6,000 employers who are members of the Industrial Union.

The Finnish Paper Worker’s Union wants to abolish the contract of the so-called kiky (kilpailukykysopimus / competitiveness agreement) hours, which increase the annual working time by 24 hours but the forest industry would like to keep the contract intact. The kiky benefit for the employer amount to about 10 million euros a year.

“This benefit is what the employers want, even if the costs for the strike total to about one billion euros,” the paper union says in a statement.

Here’s a calculation of the losses during the 14-day strike, according to the Statistics of Finland:

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