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Pictures: Rory Barr for Finland Today

Stockmann returned its focus to the Nordic aesthetic with their Norden Runt campaign and lookbook. On Thursday night, there was a fashion show highlighting their fall offerings outside of their downtown Helsinki flagship. Layering was the name of the game at the show, as it was expertly styled by the talented Finnish fashion maven Mia Dillemuth.

The outfits were so well composed that they could have been seen on a street style blogger from Copenhagen, Stockholm or even strolling down our Esplanade. There were some trends that I noticed that were walking down the runway, that one can take note of as a savvy dresser.

Women In Brogues

Forget heels for work! Lace up a pair of ideal menswear-inspired oxfords with a contrast color sole to add visual impact. They look fab with a nipped in trouser or a skirt and are much more easy to manage on cobblestone!



This is the second fall in a row that I have been seeing turtlenecks making a return. Last time as a standalone sweater, but Dillemuth put them under blouses, which made them a fun layering piece.

img_8564Doc Martens

The 90’s have been back for a while, and Dillemuth nodded her head to the middle of our favorite decade by pairing docs with decidedly feminine silhouettes like flowing skirts and mini dresses.

img_8544The Knitted Beanie

Like Docs, the beanie is returning for another trip around the sun. Again, Dillemuth played up the juxtaposition between soft lines with a pussy bow blouse and masculine sensibilities with a rugged, ribbed beanie. (In Canada, we call beanies “toques,” and it breaks my heart to not call them that in Finland.)

img_8562 Leather

Leather was featured heavily in shoes, backpacks, jackets, pants and even skirts. Leather is an excellent way to add edge to any outfit and Dillemuth did this beautifully. Leather is an excellent fabric to have on hand in Finland, as it keeps out the wind and can be warm on cooler days.