Picture: © Nordic Business Forum

For the next two days, over 7,600 business leaders come together in Helsinki Expo & Convention Center to network and listen to some of the most influential speakers on marketing, innovation and leadership at the 10th Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki.

Today, they will among others be treated to the stories of Apple founder Steve Wozniak, WhiteSpace CEO Juliet Funt, and one of the bestselling nonfiction authors of the last decade, Daniel Pink.

On Thursday, the list of A-class influencers include StoryBrand CEO Donald Miller, Zuckerberg Media CEO Randi Zuckerberg, leadership guru Brené Brown and Hollywood legend, actor George Clooney.

“We are thrilled about the upcoming event. Our focus during the preparation and development process for this year has been to increase the value that one gets when attending the event,” says Hans-Peter Siefen, the co-founder and chairman of Nordic Business Forum, in a statement. “We believe that these will be really effective business and learning days for anyone in the audience—and really enjoyable ones at the same time,” he continues.

Finland Today is following the event closely and is looking forward to bringing you the highlights.