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Nicki Minaj’s Bubble Butt Is Spread in Thousandfold on the Steps of the Helsinki Cathedral – Upsets the Church

Nicki Minaj’s Bubble Butt Is Spread in Thousandfold on the Steps of the Helsinki Cathedral – Upsets the Church



Picture: Summer Up


“I‘ve got a big fat ass.”

The line from the US rapper Nicki Minaj’s song Anaconda was proven in thousandfold, in a form of paper dolls, which were spread over the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral on Wednesday morning. The dolls portrayed Minaj squatting with her bare bubble butt, which featured Summer Up festival advertisements on her ass cheeks.


Picture: Summer Up


Summer Up is a music festival of urban music, arranged in early July in Lahti, the capital of the Päijänne Tavastia region, where Minaj will perform her first set in the country.

The church didn’t think that the location for Minaj’s big ass was a proper one.


The vice chair in the parish council of the Helsinki Cathedral Petri Laaksonen described the actions of the organisers as “tasteless”.

“Can any kind of a poop-theatre go there?” he asked in an interview by Iltalehti.

Martin Mustonen, the CEO of Summer Up Oy, said that they didn’t have a permission to use the church ground but described the stunt as a “happy, good-mood stunt”.

However, according to Laaksonen, any commercial use of the steps of the cathedral requires a permission.

Laaksonen said that it’s clear as a day that the council wouldn’t have granted a permission for such a stunt.

After the paper dolls were photographed, they were spread across the city of Helsinki and a hundred of them carried two-day tickets to the festival.

“We wanted to surprise people positively because probably no one has performed a stunt like this anywhere in the world,” Mustonen said in a bulletin.

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