New coronavirus infections have been confirmed in two schools in the Helsinki metropolitan area on Wednesday.

20 students and “a couple of members of the staff” of Mattlidens School in Espoo have transferred to home quarantine after a confirmed coronavirus contraction, according to a statement released by the City of Espoo.


The press release doesn’t say directly if the person infected with the virus is a staff member or a student. Based on our skills in reading between the lines, we guess that a student has been infected.

The rest of the students will continue attending class in contact teaching, just like every other school has done in the past three days. It is, after all, the official guideline of the government. (Peruse our coverage below the article.)

Mattildens School is a Swedish-speaking comprehensive school with about 646 students.

Another coronavirus infection at school has been confirmed in Vantaa, the city reports. 18 students and two members of the staff of Vierumäki School have entered home quarantine. The infected person is a member of the school staff.

The school is a primary school with classes 1 to 5 and a host for about 350 students.

The non-infected children will continue attending the school according to their curriculum.

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