Cold, snow and ice don’t stop this cyclist from pedaling early in the morning in Helsinki, January 2019. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Tuesday morning was this winter’s coldest in southern Finland, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

At 06:00, this winter’s cold record in the south was broken in Vihti: 33 degrees!

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In the morning, temperatures have sunk to minus 20 degrees in Helsinki but as the day proceeds the weather is gradually becoming warmer.

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During the day there will also be more clouds, and a snow area will arrive on the west coast and could become more widespread.

On Wednesday, the weather is becoming milder, and there will be thick snowfalls in the south.

Temperatures are going to stay between 2-10 degrees in the south; between 5-10 degrees in the central parts; between 15-25 degrees in the north.