The former Finnish prime minister, Juha Sipilä. Archive photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

Member of Parliament, former prime minister of Finland, Juha Sipilä (the Centre), was attacked in broad daylight last Thursday near the Parliament Building.

Sipilä was returning from a meeting when he was shoved from behind and attacked by fists.

The assailant also shouted profanities to Sipilä.

Many Finnish politicians, including Prime Minister Sanna Marin (the SDP) condemned the attack on Twitter.

“A violent act against a member of Parliament is a violation not only to an individual but also to the whole Parliament. The act is serious and deserves condemnation,” Marin said.

Speaker of Parliament Any Vehviläinen (the Centre) said that “the freedom from bodily harm is an important part of democracy.” “We Finns can never accept that our representatives are targeted for violence,” she said.

Sipilä has not commented on if he suffered injuries. A criminal complaint has been filed of the incident, and the police have begun investigations into the matter.