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Tuesday is “Move for Health Day,” which is promoted by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The day provides a focal point to generate public awareness of the benefits of physical activity in the prevention of noncommunicable diseases. It is up to each individual Member State (of the E.U) to plan and organise the activities. In Finland, it is labelled as “The Exercise Day of Your Dreams.”

The day aims to promote vigorous physical activity of any time that anyone can improve anywhere to improve health. Additionally, it hopes to increase awareness of how individuals, communities, and nations can promote health and well-being through lifestyle choices. In Finland, the focus is at a community level, where people are welcome to organise their own events, with a prize-incentive being offered. It is based on people’s and organisation’s initiative and free will.

Exercise is key

Exercise is key

The form of exercise is limited only by imagination: for example, you can organise open trainings, tournaments, a gym open day, a dodgeball event, cultural walks, or bike rides. Like on Restaurant Day, when people open their own restaurants, and on the Night of the Arts, when cultural organisations put on shows, on the Exercise Day of Your Dreams we all organise different exercise events.

The Day is also the start of a bigger chain of events. In September, there will be the Exercise Month of Your Dreams, and finally it will culminate the in Exercise Year of Your Dreams in 2017, when Finland celebrates 100 years of independence through the theme of “Together”.


For events near you, check this map here.


Details for the event organisation and competition are as follows:

Organise an event for the Exercise Day of Your Dreams, register it on the webpage and be in with the chance to win some great prizes.

Everyone who registers as an organiser by Tuesday 10th May 2016 will be entered in the prize draw. The draw will take place in May, after the Exercise Day of Your Dreams, and the winners will be contacted personally using the email address they have given when they registered.


1 voucher worth €2,500 for travel agent Elämysmatkat (

4 trials of different sport and exercise activities, each worth €200 (range of activities varies by region)

4 Helsinki-Stockholm cruises for two people from Viking Line

Remember to tell everyone about your event

  1. Register the event at this address: Remember! Only events registered here will be entered into the draw.
  2. Share your event on social media. You can use the hashtag #UnelmienLiikuntapäivä or #ExerciseDayOfYourDreams. Tell your friends and others you want to invite. Remind them closer to the event.
  3. Follow the Exercise Day of Your Dreams on Facebook (Unelmien Liikuntapäivä) and Twitter ( and read the latest news about the event.


The Liiku terveemmäksi (Yksi elämä) and the Liikujan polku networks (coordinated by Valo) are behind the event.