Picture: Rory Barr for Finland Today

I looked past the submarines, ships, tanks, planes and trucks and realized that R/C cars were navigating a fenced track at impressive speeds.

It was late April, and I was supposed to visit the fair centre for the Handicraft Fair for a story for Finland Today, but after a look at the empty tables and the small crowd of people at the stalls, I decided to put all my journalistic energy into the fancy display of these miniature models.

The race ended just as I arrived but I realized quickly that I had just passed through the invisible dividing line into the heart of the Model Expo. The second racing area was smaller. Four R/C cars were grouped on an indoor competitive drifting track. High torque RWD vehicles carving lazy lines around the carpeted race course. The combination of the carpet and the wheels chosen to give the reduced friction needed to simulate the high horsepower drifting monsters of the real world. A carefully practiced dance of setup and execution, the cars trade speed and throttle for graceful oversteer through the hairpins and chicanes.

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