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Prime Minister Antti Rinne arriving at the press conference in the Government Palace on Nov. 29, 2019. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Sirpa Paatero (the SDP), the minister of local government and ownership steering, has resigned on Friday and is now on sick leave until December 13.

The biggest reason for Paatero’s resignation was that somehow the government-owned Posti Group Oy was able to transfer their workers to a weaker, cheaper labor agreement.

According to Prime Minister Antti Rinne (the SDP), who was speaking to the media on Friday afternoon, Paatero resigned during a phone call where Rinne expressed his dissatisfaction with the matters concerning the Posti case.

Rinne said that Paatero had not been explicit enough in preventing Posti’s attempts to weaken the workers’ collective agreement.

Earlier on Friday Posti assured that their actions where they transferred the package sorters to a cheaper collective agreement were supported by the government’s ownership steering.

On Friday, Rinne did not yet know who would replace Paatero’s position.