An illustration of the snowfall arriving in Finland between Thursday and Sunday. Picture: A screen capture of Foreca’s weather video

According to Meteorologist Joanna Rinne at Foreca, cold air is flowing in from the North and this will cause the day temperatures to sink below zero degrees Celsius in northern, central and, partly, in the southern parts of the country.

In the south, hard rains are to be expected until Wednesday. In the central parts, the rain could turn into sleet. In northern parts, daily temperatures are already in minus degrees for most of the day.

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The rains will continue varyingly in the south on Thursday and Friday. Sleet is possible.

Then, according to Rinne, “there are going to be plentiful snowfalls in southern Finland between Saturday and Sunday.”

“A real snowstorm!”

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Rinne said that the snow is likely to remain on the ground because of the chilling day temperatures. “The amount of snow that is going to come is not going to be minor. There could easily be 10 centimeters of snow. In some parts, maybe even more.”

Picture on the cover: A snowstorm in Helsinki in 2014. Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

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