Neste Oy’s refinery in Porvoo has been shut down because of the industry strike. Stock picture: Neste Oyj

The Industrial Union has begun a massive strike. The strike is supported by Trade Union Pro, the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN and includes workers in the chemical industry. In total, the strikes involve about 100,000 workers

The strikes have begun on the night between Monday and Sunday and will last until Wednesday night, 23:59.

The Industrial Union strike affects specific workplaces in the technical service and maintenance sector; the rubber industry; the glass and ceramics industry; the ore mines industry; the mechanical forestry industry; the plastics and chemical products industry; the chemical basic industry; the technology industry and the oil, gas and petrochemical products industry.


In practice, for example, Neste Oy’s oil refineries in Porvoo and Naantali have been shut down. Therefore, there could be problems in delivering fuel.

The strikes in the chemical industry may cause problems in medicine supply. For example, the Orion pharmaceutical company said that it’s likely to experience supply problems in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

The reason for the strikes springs for the unions’ want to protect its members’ interests. The Industrial Union wants to “eliminate the unpaid extra hours.” “Moreover, employers have not given up their proposals to weaken workers’ position, rights and terms of employment,” the Industrial Union says in a statement. “The fact that not a single improvement to the terms of employment has been brought to the table is expressive of employers’ attitude.”