Restaurants, nightclubs, a swimming hall and an amusement park are on the list of recent mass exposures to the coronavirus.

Some of the exposures have occured in evening restaurants and nightclubs. Photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

Several incidents of mass exposure to Covid-19 have been reported across Finland in August. Here are the occasions we know about so far.


People who have attended the Vum Open Air event in Ääniwalli nightclub in Helsinki’s Vallila district on Sunday, August 2, and on Sunday, August 9, have possibly been subjected to the coronavirus. “A person who attended the event on Sunday, August, 9, has later been tested positive for the coronavirus,” the City of Helsinki noted in a news release and added that patrons of the event on the previous Sunday have also possibly been subjected to the virus.

On Sunday, August 9, about 300 people attended the event, according to the Helsinki health department.


On Sunday, August 9, customers of the swimming hall and the outdoor swimming pool in Leppävaara, Espoo, have possibly been subjected to the coronavirus. A person who visited the locations between 09:00–10:00 in the morning has tested positive for the virus.


Two members of the personnel of Corner Inn and Sataman Valakia restaurants have been subjected to the coronavirus on Friday and Saturday (August 7–8). “The customers may have been subjected to the virus as well,” the City of Kemi noted in a statement.


The City of Rauma reports of 3 coronavirus infections that have possible been caught “from an evening restaurant in Rauma.” “If a person has during the past two weeks been a customer in an evening restaurant and in a restaurant where they serve alcohol, especially in restaurant Toripöllo, and is experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus, one must immediately take a coronavirus test,” Irene Reinvall, doctor of infectious diseases at health services of Rauma, said in a statement.


A person infected with the coronavirus (possibly in Estonia) had visited amusement park PowerPark on Monday, August 3, before beginning to experience the symptoms. There’s a low-risk possibility, according to the Vaasa Hospital District, that some partrons may have been subjected to the virus.

People who have possibly been subjected to the coronavirus are recommended to observe their symptoms for two weeks and get treatment with a low threshold.