American metal band Marilyn Manson performing at the Qstock Festival in Kuusisaari, Oulu on Friday, July 28, 2017. Picture: Maciej Sobociński for Finland Today

The crowd is drunk, the clouds almost dark, and the first day of the 15th Qstock Festival in Oulu is about to end with its Friday-highlight – US metal band Marilyn Manson are finally coming on the main stage.

As bright as the sky still may be, as dark is the stage with thick waves of fog crawling over instruments and microphones when Tyler Bates is the first to manifest from the shadows, and the show is opened with “Revelation#12.”

When Marilyn Manson himself asks who would be willing to smash the annoying screen on the left side of the audience area, volunteers cheer excited – the organizers switch off the screen before anything bad happens, luckily.

Even though one might be understanding for the US Band, which is touring through Europe currently with their Heaven Upside Down Tour, and flew just yesterday from Italy to Finland, to be a bit tired, they perform in the expected loud and piercing manner.

Picture: Maciej Sobociński for Finland Today

Both musically and appearance-wise. Marilyn Manson wiggles his butt towards the audience, and in a typical Finnish cautious style, they scream. This Finnish cautious style is probably what makes him complain about their attitude in the next song-break, asking them if they are exhausted already.

“How many days have you been festivaling here?” The audience screams, shows the rock-fingers, all five fingers, the peace-sign – but somehow, he can identify that this is the first day, nevertheless. “Guys, this is a two-way-street,” he sighs. “It’s like sex. If you don’t go down on me, I won’t go down on you.” The crowd tries to cheer harder. “Alright, let’s turn this motherfucker on!” he yells and continues singing with his trademark, the infamous knife microphone.

This girl wrote her bachelor thesis about Marilyn Manson and brought it in her mouth to the festival. Picture: Maciej Sobociński for Finland Today

The fan-crowd is admittedly a bit thinner than during the previous gig, Haloo Helsinki, but definitely much more on point. The dominating clothes-color is black, and fans scream along loudly every song.

And also the band doesn’t seem to have taken any damage from the long-ass trip they had to take on yesterday – traveling to Oulu can easily take more than a day, with the airport in Oulu being closed right now, and the flights being redirected through Kemi.

Picture: Maciej Sobociński for Finland Today

They didn’t seem to care much about tiny Kemi airport, either, and the most exciting part of the flight was possibly when Marilyn Manson was filming the screen of the Finnair plane filming the landing runway, shaking his phone to simulate a bumpy landing.

No blood or other body fluids were spilled, neither on the plane yesterday nor on the stage tonight.

At some point, we might all seem to mature beyond the crazy.

Marilyn Manson in Oulu: “If You Don’t Go Down On Me, I Won’t Go Down On You”

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