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The Helsinki District Court is processing a case where a man was allegedly planning to blow up a bomb for ideological reasons among the crowd in Helsinki on New Year’s Eve 2018.

Stock picture: Hernan Pinera/Flickr

According to the prosecution, he was planning to detonate the bomb in a place where there would have been a lot of Muslims and foreigners.

The suspect had built a test bomb, which he was going to give a tryout before the attack on New Year’s Eve. To build the bomb, the man had downloaded manuals from the dark web. He was planning to take material for the bomb from his workplace, including nails and other metal parts.

The man had revealed his plans to this co-worker who reported him to the police. The police caught the man on October 11, 2018, when he had built the test bomb. The suspect was imprisoned on October 15, 2018, and released two days later. After that, he has continued working.

The suspect has admitted downloading the plans to build the bomb. He denied planning a detailed attack and the plans to blow up a test bomb. The discussions with his co-worker, he said, happened while drunk.

According to tabloid Iltalehti, the man arrived in the court with a smile on Thursday. He had his interpreter with him.

The man is suspected of preparation of an aggravated offense against life or health.