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‘Seine Bridge near Nsnieres (1887)’ shows Vincent van Gogh’s mastery of filigree details and the ability to catch the impression of the moment. Picture: Good Deed Entertainment

Cinema-goers are in for a real treat. Loving Vincent brings the paintings of one of the world’s most beloved artist, Vincent van Gogh, to life in a stunning creation: the world’s first fully oil painted feature film. Each frame, a total of 65,000, are hand-painted by 125 professional artists.

The film focuses on the events leading to Van Gogh’s tragic death, a mystery of how and why he came to be shot. The interpretation of the story was created by the pen of Dorota Kobiela, a Polish director and animator, who originally wrote the script for a short film. She teamed up with a British film producer Huch Welchman, and together they read various publications about Vincent’s life, from biographies to fictional works. In the span of over four years they visited various museums in numerous countries and viewed around 400 Van Gogh paintings; after countless re-writes the script for a 95-minute feature film was born.


‘Starlit Sky over the Rhone (1888)’ becomes alive while stars gleam as pools of light. Picture: Good Deed Entertainment

In result, the viewer’s mind is awakened with a familiar painting, for example the Seine Bridge near Asnieres (1887), — and the painting looks marvelous on the big screen — then, just before the viewer has time to utter a loud “Wow!” the scene begins, bringing the characters of the painting alive. This was accomplished by shooting the film first with actors, and then hand-painted over in oils. Frame by frame.

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The result is clever, surprising, thrilling and funny — a real feast for the eye and mind.

A scene from ‘Terrasse des Cafes in the Place du Forum (1888)’, which illustrates Van Gogh’s love for the night. “It gives me enormous pleasure to paint night on the spot,” van Gogh has been quoted saying. Picture: Good Deed Entertainment

‘Loving Vincent’ premieres in cinemas October 20.