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Limited Edition Moomin’s Day Mug Attracts a Nine-Hour Queue in Helsinki on Wednesday Afternoon

Limited Edition Moomin’s Day Mug Attracts a Nine-Hour Queue in Helsinki on Wednesday Afternoon



At midnight, Laura Pasila, 26, can exchange her paper cup for the ceramic limited edition Moomin’s Day mug. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Nine hours left.

At the bottom floor of Forum shopping center, downtown Helsinki, there’s a line that has been growing since the clock struck three on Wednesday afternoon.

“It would be great to have at least one of the very rare Moomin mugs,” said Laura Pasila, 26, from Tapanila, a district of in the northern part of Helsinki.

Next to Pasila, there are people from Lahti, Vantaa and even Denmark—all waiting to get their hands on Arabia’s Moomin’s Day mug for sale for only 24 hours to honor the late Tove Jansson’s birthday, August 9.


The line keeps growing. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The sale begins at 00:00 midnight. The Moomin Shop in Forum will be open, while the rest of the shops are closed. Naturally, those still in the line will be guaranteed to receive their special prize.

The Moomin’s Day mug. Picture: (c) Moomin Characters

Warm moment and colors

The Moomin’s Day mug illustrates a warm moment between mother and son.

According to, Tove Jansson drew the illustration in 1955, and it was first published in a London newspaper.

In the drawing, Moomintroll and Moominmamma have hiked to the highest point on an island close to Moominvalley to view the beautiful sunset. Moomintroll snuggles up to Moominmamma’s side and pushes his nose onto her silky snout. It’s very quiet and they are alone—it feels good.

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The people Finland Today talked to were first-timers in waiting in line for hours in a row. Many were holding travel mugs filled with coffee.

“My better half has promised to bring me snacks and more coffee if I get tired while waiting.”

“We will survive with good spirit!” exclaimed a man standing next to Pasila and who had arrived from Lahti, about 100 kilometers from Helsinki.

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