Hundreds of candles and dozens of flowers at Turku’s main square commemorate the victims of the terrorist attack two days earlier on August 20, 2017. Picture: Jessica Rocha for Finland Today

Moroccan Abderrahman, 23, Bounane was sentenced to a life sentence for terrorism-related two murders and eight attempted murders at the Finland Proper District Court in Turku today.

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On August 18, 2017, in the southwestern city of Turku, Bounane killed two women and injured a total of eight people with his knife in an attack that became known as “Finland’s first terrorist attack.”

According to the court, Bounane committed his crimes with full intent and in an especially cruel way.

In the trial, the defense stated that only the first victim, a woman in her 30’s, was chosen on purpose, and Bounane stabbed the nine others in order to help him escape.

The second woman killed was born in 1951 and was his seventh victim. The other victims received injuries of various degrees.

The sentence is the first of its kind in Finland for terrorism crimes.

After the police caught Bounane in the vicinity of Turku’s main square, he has been detained in a prison in Turku. He was given a mental examination and was found sane during the stabbings.

During the trial, Bounane appeared to suffer for some kinds of mental problems because he was removed from the court several times, for example, for refusing to sit in his chair and for losing his temper when one witness called him a coward. Later he was bragging about his hate against women and how he wanted to cut their throats.

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At least once he said that he regretted his deeds but more often he said that he didn’t and wanted to commit the acts in the name of the Islamic State.

Bounane arrived in Finland in 2016 as an asylum seeker. His application was rejected at the end of 2016.