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On Tuesday, carefully selected “Kiku-Shirade” and “Amanogawa” oriental cherry trees were planted in the Roihuvuori Cherry Park as a gift from Japan in honor of the centenary of Finland’s independence. The trees were planted by the Japanese Sakura Foundation.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Queens with Helsinki Deputy Mayor Sanna Vesikansa at the Roihuvuori Cherry Park on July 4, 2017. Picture: Patrik Lindström

The queens and the deputy mayor are joined with the Finnish Cherry Blossom Queen, Venla Ailasmäki. Picture: Patrik Lindström

The trees – a total of ten – will be part of the park of more than 150 cherry trees, which was established ten years ago on the initiative of a Japanese businessman, Norio Tomida. The trees of the park are donations from Japanese people living in Finland to Helsinki, as thanks for Helsinki being such a good place to live.

The seedlings are protected with nets from rabbits and they are watered for three years. The trees have also been included in the City’s register of donated trees.