Magic for Three Decades

Kimmo Erkkilä's unique mixture of magic and stand-up comedy in English is in increasing demand, but he would be happy to see more people experience it.


Text by Tony Öhberg | November 4, 2022, 1:00 pm | Sponsored content

Photographs and video: TONY ÖHBERG/FINLAND TODAY


Magician Kimmo Erkkilä has been entertaining crowds for nearly three decades.

I’ve seen him amaze people with cards, coins, ropes, cups and balls — whatever he may be presenting in his hands at the time!

He is a fluid entertainer in three languages: Finnish, Swedish, English.

It’s the latter that is in demand now when company Christmas parties are around the corner, and the staff of small and medium enterprises are increasingly becoming more international when immigrants move to this magical land for work or love, many times both.

Kimmo Erkkilä’s show is likely to send the spectators home recounting the moment and how he did the tricks, but the audience will also leave with wonderful memories of the performance and with laughs they shared after indulging in the immersive experience that combines magic tricks and stand-up comedy. Such entertainment is rare in the age of the internet and games in front of the screen. Photographs: TONY ÖHBERG/FINLAND TODAY

Kimmo performs miracles with a unique mixture of stand-up comedy and magic that he can present up close or on stage.

When he is not on the road, he gives private lectures to his students. Recently, Linnanmäki Circus School (one of the oldest circus schools for youth in Finland) happily booked Kimmo to teach sleight of hand for children, teenagers and even adults.

Kimmo knows English like the card you selected and are holding behind your back. He’s been studying the language as long as he has been doing magic by reading books, viewing DVDs and attending international lectures; over 90% of the material is in English.

“While my performances in English seem to be increasing in demand, there would still be room for more,” Kimmo said. “I live in Porvoo, southern Finland, but I travel across the country to perform. A show in English can entertain the whole staff as many Finns understand the language too.”

Remember this: Kimmo Erkkilä is available for breathtaking magic — anytime, anywhere!

Watch Kimmo performing close-up magic in the Old Town of Porvoo. Video: TONY ÖHBERG/FINLAND TODAY

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