The Regional State Administrative Agency is severely restricting the organization of public events.

At public events, people must be divided into small groups. Stock photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

In the Helsinki region, restaurant restrictions have recently been tightened in the area and the Regional State Administrative Agency is severely restricting the organization of public events due to the worsening coronavirus pandemic situation. In addition, the requirement to allow a safe distance of two meters from others in all customer premises will come into force from August 20 onwards.

Museums, cultural centers, youth centers, libraries and sports facilities, such as swimming pools and other indoor sports facilities, are open according to their normal opening hours

However, from August 20 forward, a maximum of 25 people can take part in public events indoors and a maximum of 50 people in regionally delimited outdoor spaces. Indoor and outdoor limits may be deviated from by means of differentiation arrangements, that is by arranging sections for the public.

Only half of the normal number of customers can be admitted for the voluntary exercise use of indoor sports venues. In the case of booked turns and guided activities, the number of participants must be limited in such a way that participants have the opportunity to avoid close contact.

In the social services and health care division, on the other hand, the day-to-day activities of senior centers remain closed for the time being.

Health and safety guidelines and site-specific restrictions apply in customer service facilities. Restrictions may concern, for example, the maximum number of customers allowed and their monitoring, the flow of customers, or their placement on the premises.

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Studies for the autumn terms in Helsinki’s comprehensive schools and secondary schools have begun with contact teaching while following the necessary Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Studies start as contact teaching—vaccinations for 12–15-year-olds are underway in comprehensive schools.


Helsinki has started the vaccinations of this group in schools. Booster shots will also be administered at the schools after 8–12 weeks. Vaccinations began in Finnish-language comprehensive schools on Thursday. In Swedish comprehensive schools, vaccinations will start on August 17. There is no need to book an appointment for vaccinations in schools.

Vaccinations may also be received at general vaccination sites.

Vaccinations will start at different times in different schools. The principals will use Wilma to inform about the timing of the vaccinations and the arrangements for the guardians before the times of the vaccinations.

If a child or young person is not in school at the time of vaccination, they can be vaccinated at the general vaccination points. Vaccinations are given by the school nurse, together with the health care staff.

Those 15-year-olds who are already in upper secondary school or vocational school can book their first vaccination and also the booster vaccination at a general vaccination point.

Students are not vaccinated in upper secondary schools and vocational schools. If the guardian wants to be involved in the vaccination of the child, they should book an appointment at a vaccination point.

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