After a rainy start, the weather clears up and becomes hot by the end of the week.

Monday is rainy and chances for showers are also likely on Tuesday in many parts. Daytime temperatures are around 19 degrees Celsius.

Unstable weather continues through mid-week, occasional showers here and there. Partly cloudy weather is expected in the southern parts on Wednesday and Thursday with daytime temperatures of around 20 degrees.

On Friday, a high-pressure area will bring warm weather to Finland; the mercury will likely rise over 24 degrees Celsius in many parts. On Saturday daytime highs of as much as 27 degrees Celsius are expected in Finland Proper and in the regions of Uusimaa and Häme. Temperatures of 20 degrees are likely in Lapland.

Warm weather with temperatures of 25 degrees or over is likely to continue next week.

Sources: Foreca, The Finnish Meteorological Institute