The weather’s going to be hot for Midsummer and beyond.


A typical question, one of significant importance, around Midsummer in Finland is how’s the weather going to be like?

The weathermen have good news for our readers: It’s going to be hot!


On Friday, Midsummer’s Eve, the mercury is in many places going to climb to 25 degrees Celsius, or over; according to weather service Foreca, in some places, even 32 degrees could be possible.

The definition of hot weather in Finland is 25.1 degrees Celsius.

Sunny weather conditions are going to prevail largely on Saturday, Midsummer’s Day, as well. Temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees are likely in most places.

Then on Sunday, on the recovery day, it’s going to get even warmer across the country—between 30 and 33 degrees are likely.

And according to the latest forecast, this high-pressure weather will prevail next week as well. The wind is low, weather is hot, so the waters are going to warm rapidly. Already now, the water temperatures are about 20 degrees in lakes around southern Finland.

“There’s no saying when we are going to get rid of the hot weather,” said Pekka Pouta, “the meteorologist of the people” on MTV3 news website.