Hosted Theme Bar Tour Introduces the Helsinki Bar Scene With a Twist

Picture: Hop´n Shake Helsinki Tours

When you want to relax and unwind, are you in the habit of always choosing the same local bar?

There are several unusual and strange bars worth visiting in Helsinki, but sometimes they are not so easy to spot. These theme bars are really popular abroad, but the scene is quite new here. But not even many residents know that they exist.

Hop´n Shake Helsinki Tours has launched a bar hopping tour that takes you through a hand-picked collection of theme bars in Helsinki. There are two sets of the Strange World of Theme Bars tour. The Finnish-speaking tour is designed to show interesting bar settings from all around the world, such as Oriental, Italian and American. The English-speaking tour suits better for travelers because of its strong Suomi-Finland twist.

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Picture: Hop´n Shake Helsinki Tours

Details make a theme bar

What actually is a theme bar? At first sight, the bar may look like any other. But take a closer look at the details and soon you realize that they form a bigger picture. A bar dedicated to steampunk is full of quirky and weird stuff, rusty machines, funny decorations—furniture rescued straight from the set of a Mad Max movie. An Oriental-themed bar blooms with bright colors and soft materials.

Don´t leave places like these without checking the bathroom first. You might need to educate yourself, let´s say, with sea monsters and their anatomy while doing your thing.

Picture: Hop´n Shake Helsinki Tours

Great way to spend a night out

Aava Gröhn, the host of the Strange World of Theme Bars tour, is excited about the fact that this way people get to know the Helsinki bar scene so much better. “I am intrigued by visuality, and these theme bars offer so much to look at and explore.”

Gröhn visited Scotland last year where she spent more time visiting theme bars than shopping. “There were all kinds of themes from Frankenstein´s world to art deco and from kitsch to horror. I had so much inspiration for hosting the theme bar tour here in Helsinki.”

A hosted bar hopping tour is a perfect way to spend an evening without wondering where to go next. Anyone over 18 can participate solo or with friends as there are always people to chat with. As a plus, the co-operating bars have special offers for the participants. The walking route is about three kilometers long, and it is designed so that you won´t feel cold or thirst.

Both tours, the Finnish- and English-speaking, can also be booked as private and with the desired language.

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