Ruoholahti district, Helsinki. Stock picture: Irmeli Hasanen/Flickr


The police have revealed more information about the stabbing that happened at Helsinki’s Ruoholahti district on Friday afternoon.

Two young men, aged 21 and 17, tried to rob a boy, 15, when the boy decided to defend himself with a knife.

“The other man who to attempted the robbery received some kinds of injuries when the target of the robbery defended himself with a knife,” says Detective Inspector Hannu Kortelainen in an interview with MTV News.

The target of the stabbing was the oldest man in the group.

All three persons involved were caught soon after the incident.

According to Kortelainen, the men have uttered only a few words during the interrogations, and the police are not yet aware whether the persons involved knew each other from before.

The police are investigating the incident as an aggravated assault and as an attempted aggravated robbery.

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