Picture: Michael Cote

Delicious food dominates Finns’ Midsummer menu, which today is much more than herring and potatoes. The heart of the kitchen is at the wood- or gas-fired grill. A survey conducted by one of the largest food retailers K Group, reveals the most popular foods of the Midsummer.

61 percent of Finns prefer to grill vegetables, 54 percent prefer chicken and 43 percent like to grill pork.

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And the remaining contenders are:

4. Traditional barbecue sausage (41 percent)

5. Fish (34 percent)

6. Special sausages (33 percent)

7. Beef (32 percent)

8. Cheese (25 percent)

9. Ready-made grill products (12 percent)

10. Bread (10 percent)

Smoked food

Smoking the food is one of the hottest barbecue trends of the year. Smoking food is possible with all grills with a lid. In addition to traditional smoked food, like salmon, tomatoes are a rising star on the coals.

The real hit for the summer, according to the K Group, is burgers. The sales of mayonnaise, burger sauces and compote have increased by 20 percent compared with previous year. Brioche and vegetables are becoming popular replacements for traditional buns. But the trendiest people build their burgers with buns colored with medicinal charcoal.

And of course, Finns enjoy their domestic early potatoes, too.

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