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Hedgehogs and Squirrels Are Suffering From Dehydration – Here’s How You Can Help

Hedgehogs and Squirrels Are Suffering From Dehydration – Here’s How You Can Help


Picture: Ian/Flickr

If an animal gets dehydrated it just sits around or starts to slouch in circles.

Hanna Al-Saedi, an adviser in the prevention of cruelty to animals, is calling a national emergency for the sake of animals.

The hot and dry May has tested the limits of many of our furry and spiky friends.

Especially the mothers of squirrels and hedgehogs are in trouble.

An emergency community for hedgehogs in Oulu, for example, has received several questions of what to do with a dehydrated hedgehog.

“You can help a wild hedgehog and other animals by placing low bowls with clean drinking water to the yards,” the community says on Facebook. “Because of a long dry period, even the earthworms have hidden deep underground. So, one can offer kibble for cats that has been moistened in water or canned food for cats as alternatives.”

Al-Saedi shares a tip that she’s been using:

A large bowl can be placed in the yard. They are good for different types of animals. Especially birds.

“Birds like to land on the edge. They drink and wash there. It’s very exciting to follow that,” Al-Saedi said.

Hedgehogs and squirrels need some help, though.

A stick or a piece of board can be placed in the bowl. That way, they get in and out of the bowl.

Picture on the front page: Milo Bostock/Flickr

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