Hard winds and rains are expected in the western and eastern parts on Monday. Photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

The Finnish Meteorological Institute forecasts powerful winds to the western parts, Satakunta, and to Ostrobothnia on Monday. Gusts of wind of 20 meters per second are expected in the afternoon.

During the evening, the low-pressure area is drifting toward the eastern parts, and the hardest winds are expected to occur during the evening and night.

A warning for hard wind is in force throughout the country, except in Lapland. Gusts of 15 meters per second are expected.

Monday is also going to be rainy in regions of Kuusamo, Posio and Salla, and in the afternoon in the eastern parts.

In Lapland, the precipitation will come down as water, sleet or snow. Those who are driving with summer tires should follow the local forecasts closely.

In the southern and central parts, the weather is likely to be sunny in the afternoon.