Today we celebrate the 470th anniversary of Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

The Uspenski Cathedral and the largest skywheel in the country rise in the horizon next to the Market Square in Helsinki. Picture: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

The City of Helsinki celebrates its 470th anniversary under exceptional circumstances Friday.

The program includes circus tricks and concerts, improv performances and digital nature tours—all broadcast in social media channels and on various online platforms.


The day begins with a ceremony to present distinguished Helsinki residents with awards and continues with a visit to the Herttoniemi Manor, a music performance for children, circus fun and samba dancing. Finnish pop artist ALMA will finish day with a virtual performance.

The traditional Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky event that has been organized along the Esplanade in past years will now take place online, with locals being invited to enjoy a virtual dinner together. Similarly, the traditional rhubarb pie and coffees that are usually served at City Hall in the morning can be prepared and enjoyed at home according to the official Helsinki Day recipe.

Helsinki Day has been celebrated since 1959 on June 12 and is now taking a digital leap forward.